Dear Angie and team at MFOC,

We would like to thank you for all your efforts to ensure our relaxed lunch with Matt Preston and Duncan Welgemoed eventuated.

The lunch was moved indoors to Duncan’s restaurant due to the extreme heat on the day and we were refreshed by a selection of some new release wines from premium Adelaide Hills wine makers.

Our group of friends had a lovely lunch hosted by Duncan Welgemoed, Tess and his team at Bistro Dom. Matt Preston was delightful, charismatic and energetic for the entire lunch and made a special trip to Adelaide just to participate in the lunch.

Congratulations on all the hard work that you and your team do and thank you for allowing us to be a small part of this.
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Theo and Julie-Anne Athanasiadis

Fantastic night out and experience.  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting Callum.  He was open and engaging in conversation and didn’t give away too many Masterchef secrets.

We were well looked after by Ambrosini’s. The food and wine was sensational.

The winner Evie and Friends of the 2012 Dinner at Ambrosinis Restaurant with Callum HannFingers crossed there is not too much competition for the next one so we can do it again

Evie Karagiannis

STAR for a day with the S.T.A.R. Group 

I spent a day with the Star Force it was a great experience we participated in some of their training exercises and also had a fantastic tour of their sites, we got to see their armored vehicles, robots for bomb detonation tried on the bomb suits. We headed off to the training ground for an action packed day we fired their rifles, and threw flash bangs watched how they trained. The day was fantastic and I would definitely to it again if the opportunity came up again. I came out of it with a lot more respect in what the Star Force do.

 Winner  Matthew Van Den Brink

SA Police Star Group

Wilkadene’s luxurious houseboats

The house boat holiday was one of the best family holidays we have experiences, and we as family have travelled, quite bit! We highly recommended, your money goes to a very worthy cause and you get to enjoy one of the most relaxing holiday, on very luxurious house boat, in the most sorrel surroundings. Our family is still raving on about the beautiful break enjoyed on the River Murray

Winner – Rosa CantoneWilkadens

Chef’s Table at the Hilton Adelaide 2012

The absolute epitome of the proverbial ‘feast for the senses’ for myself and my guests. Without doubt one of the very best culinary experiences you could ever have imagined! Amazing local produce, expertly prepared right in from of your eyes in an interactive environment that needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Glass of sensational wine after glass of sensational wine, course after course of truly astonishing dishes that left us all in awe of how wonderful food really can be when prepared by the hands of those who have mastered their skills in kitchen all over the globe…and the desserts…to die for! Even picked up a few little tricks to take home, too! Will definitely be fighting for this one again at the next event

Winner Kerry Cleanthous