What the Many Faces of Cancer is doing

Our mission is to make a difference by enabling people to celebrate the lives of their loved ones and in the process raise funds in a fun and enjoyable manner for cancer research and the services that support people with cancer, their carers, families and friends.

The Many Faces of Cancer has raised $119,000 over 3 events.

In 2017/2018 we are excited to be putting the money raised to good use ensuring the Cancer Council SA transport to treatment bus will continue to drive guests to their daily treatment locations across Adelaide.

Our biggest undertaking yet, is to ensure the balance of money raised is making the greatest impact possible.

We are pleased to announce that “The Flinders Garden Project” was completed in October of this year 2018 and while it took a little longer to than anticipated we could not be happier with the results.

The area has been transformed from what was an unusable pool space to a beautiful outdoor lawn area, which over time will be shaded by the large trees which now line the Flinders Street fence line.  As we drive past the lodge on our way to work daily we can see that the guests are already able to enjoy the space as the weather and mornings are warming up.

To complete the space,  as a place of peace and well being we will be looking at installing a shade sail, funds permitting or alternatively purchasing a large movable umbrella and new outdoor furniture.

Garden Opening

Although the garden has been able to be enjoyed by the guest of the lodge since the end of October we have not been able to officially open the space. Unfortunately there was a hiccup with the brick fence which needed to come down. Cancer Council SA is currently working with the council and with the hope that the new fence will be completed early in the new year, shortly after we will share the space with you all.

We thank you for your patience, and share a few of the photos so far





Reducing the Impact of Cancer

Each year, around 9,700 South Australians are diagnosed with cancer – that’s nearly 26 people a day, with another 3-5 of their loved ones being impacted also. Cancer affects us all in one way or another, whether through our own health or that of our family or friends. To  Donate today (green) Link to  http://sa.cancercouncilfundraising.org.au/Manyfacesofcancer

Be Part of the MFOC Logo

Share with your friends & show you support the fight to #BEAT CANCER.

The MFOC support all people touched by cancer & to show just how many people that is, we are turning our logo into a photo collage of those who have survived, fought, lived with someone who has cancer or may be facing their own journey.

We would love to include your family member or yourself

If you would like to be part of our logo please email a high resolution selfie photo to mail@manyfacesofcancer.com.au

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