Brave Souls

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I watched the TODAY and the bravery of Nick Auden’s wife speaking about how happy Nick would be that the drugs he fought so hard to make available have been approved by the drug company on compassionate grounds.

The words must be hard for her to hear, I can not begin to put myself in her place as she watches the faces of her children and misses her husband everyday.

It is important to understand that we are all just one person, with one mission, my husband and I are not special but we have a dream that if we keep pushing it will make a difference for one person, one family and one child that keeps their parent.

Please give your time to charity, as Callum Hann said on our video you get a lot more out of it than you put in.

Join us on June 14th for a great night and to celebrate the life and hard work of people like Nick and his amazing family

Bittersweet victory for ‘Save Locky’s Dad’ campaign comes too late for Nick Auden In a bittersweet development for Nick Auden’s family, the “Save Locky’s Dad”
Author: Angie Nguyen