Highs and Lows

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This journey that we have started to make sure the MFOC helps those who need it brings with it lots of highs and lows.

In just this early part of the year we were told that my daughters amazing reception teacher his fighting her own battle and last night I caught up with some amazing people that I worked with and really care about.

We were celebrating the engagement of a special couple and a great friend, she broke the news to me that one of her dear friends and extension of herself has cancer at the age of 41.

I listened to her speak, pain, frustration and sadness in her eyes and her tears and my heart broke for her.

These stories give me more and more determination to push on when some days this fundraising gig seems a little hard.

Then this morning I opened my email to another exciting YES details to be worked out….

So as Saturday takes off its already been a morning of highs and lows but lets keep pushing on, its the least we can all do.

Author: Angie Nguyen