Written so beautifully by my cousin and son of Margaret Casagrande, Justin is happy for the MFOC to share his personal story , so  please read to the end as Justin says he is quiet and doesn’t usually say much so this is so important PRECIOUS REGRETS One word, when heard, can drain all emotion,…

Reducing the Impact of Cancer

Each year, around 9,000 South Australians are diagnosed with cancer – that’s nearly 25 people a day, with another 3,500 South Australians losing their battle with the disease. Cancer affects us all in one way or another, whether through our own health or that of our family or friends. To  Donate today (green) Link to

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a difference by enabling people to celebrate the lives of their loved ones and in the process raise funds in a fun and enjoyable manner for cancer research and the services that support people with cancer, their carers, families and friends.